Deadly Edits Mysteries


Mikki Lincoln, freelance editor


Book One: Crime & Punctuation


ISBN 978-1-4967-1255-4

also available in trade paperback, e-book, audiobook and large print formats


When retired schoolteacher Mikki Lincoln returns to her old home town after fifty years away, she expects to find some changes. What she doesn't anticipate is murder.

Set in the fictional village of Lenape Hollow, located in the very real Sullivan County Catskills region of New York State, the story brings past and present together as Mikki, while launching a new career as a freelance editor, tries to decide if an old enemy is guilty of a heinous crime. If she's innocent, then who did kill a young woman whose only offense was writing a really bad crime novel?


from Kirkus: "The signature cozy style of Dunnett's Liss MacCrimmon series translated easily to this editorially focused new venture."

Publishers Weekly calls it an "entertaining series launch" and says "Appealing supporting characters include Mikki's loyal and resourceful friend, Darlene Uberman, and the ever gossipy patrons of the local cafe. Cozy fans will be pleased."

links to buy: https://www.kensingtonbooks.com/9781496719263/crime-and-punctuation/


Book Two: Clause & Effect


ISBN 978-1-4967-1257-8

also available in e-book, audiobook and large print formats


In this second book in the series, as the village of Lenape Hollow gears up for its quasquibicentennial, retired schoolteacher turned "book doctor" Mikki Lincoln is tapped to update and edit the historical pageant that was presented at the bicentennial celebration twenty-five years earlier. What starts out as a simple task quickly turns complicated when the mummified body of the pageant's original author is discovered behind the bricked up fireplace in the historical society's headquarters. In a case like this, it isn't possible to separate the revising from the sleuthing. Once again aided by her mobility-challenged friend Darlene, Mikki attempts to solve an old murder, uncovering secrets several people in the community would just as soon have kept under wraps. The question is: which one is desperate enough to try to take Mikki herself out of the equation?

Publishers Weekly says "cozy fans are in for a real treat."

Booklist says "this cozy is distinguished by its smart sixty-something protagonist and an engaging supporting cast of her longtime friends and acquaintances."

links to buy: https://www.kensingtonbooks.com/9781496712578/clause-and-effect/


Book Three: A Fatal Fiction


ISBN 978-1-4967-2686-5

also available in e-book, large print, and audiobook formats

Seventy-year-old Mikki's newest job is editing eighty-five-year-old Sunny Feldman's memoir about growing up at her family's resort hotel in the Borscht Belt. The hotel, on the outskirts of Lenape Hollow, is now in ruins, but when local entrepreneur and all-around pain-in-the-neck Greg Onslow starts demolishing the remaining buildings, he unleashes a whole lot of trouble for everyone. Mikki, as always, is caught right in the middle, and that's before her overprotective nephew shows up to check on "poor old Aunt Mikki."


"Mikki Lincoln, a savvy older woman, is sure to appeal to cozy fans." (Publishers Weekly)

links to buy: https://www.kensingtonbooks.com/9781496726865/a-fatal-fiction/


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Book Four: Murder, She Edited


ISBN 978-1-4967-2689-6

available in hardcover, audiobook, and e-book formats

Mikki unexpectedly inherits an abandoned farm in the countryside near Lenape Hollow. but it comes with a condition. She has to find, edit, and publish several diaries left behind by a previous owner. Simple, right? It should be . . . except that someone seems to be trying to stop her.

A stalker complicates Mikki's efforts to find the missing diaries. Is she just a fan of Mikki's old friend, a famous author of romance novels? Or does she have something more sinister in mind than correcting a few typos?

With a little help from her friends and her faithful cat, Calpurnia, Mikki sets out to unravel a mystery that has its roots in her own childhood.

"A charming and resourceful seventy-something heroine, family relationships, friendship, plot twists, and an editing and proofreading frame will please cozy fans." (Booklist)

"Don't let this one slip by. It's a 'must read' for cozy fans." (WonderWomenSixty.com)

"This lively page turner is perfect for all mystery lovers with its solid narrative, a quirky side story, a 60-plus-year-old whodunit, and dialogue sure to thrill the grammar and punctuation perfectionist . . . Then there's Mikki, a character beyond compare and an absolute delight . . . a thoroughly captivating read. (Mystery Scene)

links to buy: https://www.kensingtonbooks.com/9781496726896/murder-she-edited/







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