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Intelligence Gatherer


A mystery set in Tudor England


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979-8223-99450-3 (trade paperback) $15.99

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Death of an Intelligence Gatherer begins in 1553 when Cordell Ingram, a young English gentlewoman hoping to escape religious persecution, accompanies her father into exile in Strasbourg during the reign of Mary Tudor. A short time later, her life is turned upside down for a second time by her father's sudden death. Cordell is certain he was poisoned, and that his murder has something to do with the intelligence he has been gathering about a Protestant plot to overthrow the queen. To find justice for him, and to see that the information he discovered reaches his allies in England before the date set for a rebellion, she agrees to marry Roger Allington, an old family friend who fortuitously (perhaps too fortuitously?) appears on the scene with the claim that her father arranged a betrothal between them before he left England. Uncertain she can trust Roger, Cordell runs away on the day of her wedding. Her journey home is fraught with peril, especially after she is caught by one of the men she believes was responsible for her father's death. This time there is no escape from marriage or from her deepest suspicions about her new husband.


This is a murder mystery with a spy subplot and a dash of romance. In 1991, an earlier version was published in a different genre (historical romance) under the title Winter Tapestry. It has been rewritten to focus on Cordell as an amateur detective and is now told entirely from Cordell's point of view



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