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These are all books I bought for research and no longer need to keep.

Most are available for the cost of postage and a sturdy mailer.

Please note that I'm in the U.S. International shipping costs will probably be prohibitive.

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Biographies available (by subject)



some of these titles have been moved from the original listing of available books but most are new as of mid-March 2018

some may have highlighting or underlining

overall condition varies

aged paperbacks marked as being in "poor" condition are still readable but may have loose pages


Elizabeth Blount

Bradley, M. Morton, Elizabeth Blount of Kinlet like new 28 pp. booklet 1991

Anne Boleyn

Bernard, G. W., Anne Boleyn: Fatal Attractions hc 2010

Bruce, Anne Marie, Anne Boleyn hc 1972

Ives, Eric, The Life and Death of Anne Boleyn TR 2005

Warnicke, Retha M., The Rise and Fall of Anne Boleyn hc 1989

George Boleyn

Cherry, Clare and Claire Ridgeway, George Boleyn: Tudor Poet, Courtier and Diplomat TR 2014

Jane Parker Boleyn

Fox, Julia, Jane Boleyn hc 2007

Giordano Bruno

Bossy, John, Giordano Bruno and the Embassy Affair highlighted hc 1991

Eleanor Butler, Countess of Desmond

Chambers, Anne, Eleanor, Countess of Desmond TR 2000

Christopher Carleill

Lloyd, Rachel, English Adventurer: Life of Captain Christopher Carleill hc 1974

Catherine of Aragon

Luke, Mary M., Catherine the Queen pb 1971 poor condition

Mattingly, Garrett, Catherine of Aragon pb 1960 poor condition

Tremlett, Giles, Catherine of Aragon hc 2010

John Dee

Woolley, Benjamin, The Queen's Conjurer hc 2001

members of the Dudley family

Beer, Barrett, Northumberland highlighted ex lib hc 1973

Loades, David, John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland hc 1996 (2006 reprint)

Lindsay, Philip, The Queenmaker: A Portrait of John Dudley pencil markings hc 1951 no dust jacket

Adams, Simon, Leicester and the Court TR 2002

Jenkins, Elizabeth, Elizabeth and Leicester hc 1962

Edward VI

Chapman, Hester, The Last Tudor King pb 1961 poor condition

Skidmore, Chris, Edward VI: The Lost King of England hc 2007

Elizabeth I

Erickson, Carolly, The First Elizabeth TR 1983

Luke, Mary M. Gloriana hc 1973

Neale, J.E., Queen Elizabeth I pb 1967 poor condition

Starkey, David, Elizabeth: The Struggle for the Throne hc 2001

Lionardo Fioravanti

Eamon, William, The Professor of Secrets hc 2010

Simon Forman

Cook, Judith, Dr. Simon Forman a most notorious physician hc 2001

Traister, Barbara Howard, The Notorious Astrological Physican of London: Works and Days of Simon Forman hc 2001

Francis I of France

Seward, Desmond, Prince of the Renaissance: The Golden Life of Francois I hc 1973

Martin Frobisher

McDermott, James, Martin Frobisher: Elizabeth Privateer hc 2001

Richard Grenville

Rowse, A. L., Sir Richard Grenville of the Revenge hc 1937

Thomas Gresham

Gresham, Perry E. and Carol Jose, The Sign of the Golden Grasshopper: A Biography of Sir Thomas Gresham hc 1995

Bess of Hardwick

Durant, David N., Bess of Hardwick: Portrait of an Elizabethan Dynast TR rev. ed. 1999

John Harington

Hughey, Ruth, John Harington of Stepney: Tudor Gentleman hc 1971

Henry Hastings, earl of Huntingdon

Cross, Claire, The Puritan Earl worn hc 1966 frontespiece detached

William Hatcliffe

Hotson, Leslie, Mr. W. H. hc 1964

Henry VIII

Bruce, Anne Marie, The Making of Henry VIII hc 1977

Erickson, Carolly, Great Harry TR 1980 ed.

Hackett, Francis, Henry the Eighth pb 1958 poor condition

Moorhouse, Geoffrey, Great Harry's Navy: How Henry VIII Gave England Sea Power TR 2005

members of the Howard family

Hutchinson, Robert, House of Treason hc 2009

Smith, Lacey Baldwin, A Tudor Tragedy (Catherine Howard) hc 1961

Denny, Joanna, Katherine Howard: A Tudor Conspiracy TR 2005

Sessions, W. A. , Henry Howard, the Poet Earl of Surrey: A Life hc 1999

Childs, Jessie, Henry VIII's Last Victim: The Life and Times of Henry Howard, earl of Surrey highlighted hc 2007

Head, David, The Ebbs and Flows of Fortune: The Life of Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk TR 2009

Williams, Neville, Thomas Howard, 4th Duke of Norfolk hc 1964

Kenny, Robert W., Elizabeth's Admiral: The Political Career of Charles Howard, Earl of Nottingham worn hc 1970

Mary, Queen of Scots

Fraser, Antonia, Mary, Queen of Scots pb 1971 poor condition

Mary I

Loades, David, Mary Tudor: A Life TR 1989

Porter, Linda, The First Queen of England: The Myth of "Bloody Mary" hc 2007

Whitlock, Anna, Mary Tudor, England's First Queen hc 2009

Richard Morison

Sowerby, Tracey, Renaissance and Reform in Tudor England: The Careers of Sir Richard Morison underlining hc 2010

Horatio Palavincino

Stone, Lawrence, An Elizabethan: Sir Horatio Palavicino hc 1956

Theodore Paleologus

Hall, John, An Elizabethan Assassin: Theodore Paleologus: Seducer, Spy, and Killer hc 2015

William Paulet

Scard, Margaret, Tudor Survivor: The Life and Times of William Paulet TR 2011

William Petre

Emmison, F. G., Tudor Secretary: Sir William Petre at Court and at Home hc 1961 (1970)

Amye Robsart

Skidmore, Chris, Death and the Virgin worn TR 2010

William Shakespeare

Potter, Lois, The Life of William Shakespeare: A Critical Biography like new TR 2012

Shapiro, James, A Year in the Life of William Shakespeare: 1599 like new hc 2005

Rowse, A.L., Shakespeare the Man hc 1973

Rowse, A.L., William Shakespeare hc 1963

Mary Sidney

Hannay, Margaret P., Philip's Phoenix: Mary Sidney Countess of Pembroke highlighted? hc 1990 no dust jacket

Philip Sidney

Stewart, Alan, Philip Sidney: A Double Life like new hc 2000

Edward Stafford

Harris, Barbara J., Edward Stafford: Third Duke of Buckingham hc 1986

George Talbot and Francis Talbot

Bernard, G. W., The Power of the Early Tudor Nobility: A Study of the Fourth and Fifth Earls of Shrewsbury hc 1985

Rhys ap Thomas

Griffiths, Ralph A., Sir Rhys ap Thomas and his Family pb 1981

members of the Vaux family

Anstruther, Godfrey, Vaux of Harrowden hc 1953

Francis Walsingham

Cooper, John, The Queen's Agent: Sir Francis Walsingham and the Rise of Espionage in Elizabethan England hc 2012

Bristol, John Digby 1st, ed., Journal of Sir Francis Walsingham: From Dec. 1570 to April 1583 like new TR repr. Camden Soc.(1870)

Perkin Warbeck

Arthurson, Ian, The Perkin Warbeck Conspiracy highlighted ex lib TR 1994

Gregory Wisdom

Ryrie, Alec, The Sorcerer's Tale: Faith and Fraud in Tudor England hc 2008

Henry Wriothesley, earl of Southampton

Rowse, A.L., Shakespeare's Southampton hc 1965

Thomas Wyatt

Shulman, Nicola, Graven with Diamonds: The Many Lives of Thomas Wyatt TR 2013


Collective Biographies and Collections of Letters:

Bernard, G. W., ed. The Tudor Nobility ex lib hc 1992

Frye, Susan and Karen Robertson, eds., Maids and Mistresses, Cousins and Queens TR 1999

Gristwood, Sarah, Game of Queens hc 2016

Harris, Barbara J., English Aristocratic Women 1450-1521 TR 2002

Hart, Kelly, The Mistresses of Henry VIII hc 2009

Jones, Philippa, The Other Tudors: Henry VIII's Mistresses and Bastards TR 2009

Lofts, Norah, Queens of England hc 1977

Marshall, Rosalind K., Queen Mary's Women TR 2006

Marshall, Rosalind K., Virgins and Viragos TR 1983

Michell, Ronald, The Carews of Beddington TR 1981

Plowden, Alison, The House of Tudor hc 1976

Pogue, Kate Emery, Shakespeare's Family hc 2008

Rowse, A.L., Court and Country hc 1987

Warrington, John, ed., The Paston Letters (2 vols.) hc 1956

Williams, Neville, All the Queen's Men hc 1972

Williams, Neville, Henry VIII and his Court hc 1971


Earlier Offerings Still Available


Achterbert, Jeanne, Women As Healers like new but cover torn hc 1991

Ackroyd, Peter, Thames: Sacred River highlighted hc 2007

Brady, Ciaran, The Chief Governors: The Rise and Fall of Reform Government in Tudor Ireland 1536-1588 like new hc 1994

Carleton, Charles, ed., State, Sovereigns and Society like new hc 1998

Casimer, Nicholas The English in Muscovy during the 16th Century like new TR reprint nd

Clarke, Edward T., Bermondsey: Its Historic Memories and Associations highlighted TR repr.1901 book

Duffy, Eamon, The Stripping of the Altars: Traditional Religion in England, 1400-1580 like new TR 2nd ed. 2005

Febvre, Lucien, Renaissance France highlighted TR 1977

Gurr, Andrew, Playgoing in Shakespeare's London highlighted 3rd ed. TR 2004

Gurr, Andres, The Shakespearean Company 1594-1642 like new TR 2004

Gurr, Andrew, The Shakespearean Stage 1574-1642 like new TR 2009

Hanawalt, Barbara A., The Wealth of Widows highlighted TR 2007

Harbage, Alfred, Shakespeare and the Rival Traditions worn TR 1952

Herbert, Trevor, Tudor Wales worn TR 1988

Herman, Peter C., ed., Rethinking the Henrican Era hc 1995 no dust jacket

Loades, David, The Tudor Court hc 1987

Loades, David, Two Tudor Conspiracies highlighted TR 2nd ed. 1992

Pitcher, John, ed., Medieval and Renaissance Drama in England like new hc 2003

Rhodes, Ernest L., Henslowe's Rose ex lib hc 1976

Rowse, A.L., The Expansion of Elizabethan England worn TR 1956

Rowse, A.L., The English Renaissance: The Cultural Achievement worn hc 1972

Rowse, A.L., The English Renaissance: The Life of the Society worn hc 1971

Stevens, John, Music and Poetry in the Early Tudor Court ex lib hc 1961

Trugdill, Peter, The Dialects of England like new hc 1990

Upton, Clive, An Atlas of English Dialects like new TR 2nd ed. 2006

Ward, Jennifer C., English Noblewomen in the Later Middle Ages worn ex lib TR 1992

Warnicke, Retha M., Women of the English Renaissance and Reformation highlighted hc 1983 no dust jacket

Wiley, W. L., The Gentleman of Renaissance France highlighed ex lib hc 1954 no dust jacket

Willan, T.S., The Muscovy Merchants of 1555worn hc 1953

Woolfson, Jonathan, Padua and the Tudors highlighed dust jacket torn hc 1998